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Edition 21 - 'ICFF 2014' Edition



-Doug Meyer creates an apartment electric in Chelsea, NYC.

-HYLAND visits Michael Simon's light-struck project in Arizona.

-Stephen Bastone creates an apartment in Fifth Avenue of Research and Recherche.

-Adam Tihany’s global design odyssey is covered by Briana O'Keefe.

-Holiday House Hamptons, a designer showhouse benefitting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, is recapped.



EDITORIAL; PROPERTY: Montecito; SHOP: Wool Throws, introducing; ICFF 2014: ICFF Overview; ICFF Wallpaper Highlights; HYLAND Awards-ICFF Edition; HYLAND Selects Top Textiles and Top Designers at ICFF 2014; Christopher Hyland Inc. teams up with David Michael Interiors and Simons Upholstery at ICFF 2014; GOOD WORKS: The University of Cincinnati's innovative flatpack housing at ICFF; HYLAND AWARD: Juliet Kinchin of MoMA, NYC; Lunch at '21' with Juliet Kinchin, by Lisa Zeiger; ART & DESIGN: Designing Modern Women at MoMA; Jasper Morrison: Master of the Line, furniture; NEOSCAPE and the Art of Rendering; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Fashion: Georgine; Trouvaille of Mark Peddigrew; May Aladdin's Lamp Be Thine: Matthew Studios; What Child's Toy is This: OgoBild; The Hand Garment: Silke Debler Gloves; TRAVEL: Circumnavigating Papua New Guinea with Artist Anna Galtarossa & Zegrahm; REFLECTIONS: Clem Wood's Latin Oration; Nowhere to Run, Library of America presents John Schulian's classic text; Focus: NYSID, Graduation, Q&A with NYSID President; Dr. Alan Lewis: An Interview, Shy 75 years of Sociology and Psychiatry; WINE: Jeff Koons and Dom Perignon; DINING: Lauduree, SoHo; SPORT: Feet Don't Fail Me Now: Spartan Race; INVESTING: 10 Top Investment Advisors; FINIS: The Presence of the Past: ICFF 2014 and the Great Exhibition of 1851.


Edition 20 - 'Equity by Design'



-Geoffrey Bradfield confects a delightful apartment above the clouds at New York’s Sherry Netherland.

-HYLAND visits Hacienda de Abajo, a hotel of remarkable interiors and grounds in the Canary Islands.

-David Dalton explores fifty shades of black in a massive Los Angeles house.

-Norman Foster’s precise eye yields a nautical creation: the Panthalassa Yacht, from Y.CO.  

-Inson Dubois Wood designs a retreat for the Magnises Club, New York City.




EDITORIAL; PROPERTY: Sardinia, Porto Cervo; ART & DESIGN: International Contemporary Furniture Fair—Preview; Campana Brothers, furniture; African Masks; The Heart of the Rose: Petra Sing paintings; Arper, furniture; Patrick Weder, furniture; REFLECTIONS: Thomas Jefferson’s Latter-day Library, with Selections from The Strand Bookstore; Short Story from LOA ”Xingu”; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Comme Il Faux costume jewelry; Fashion: A Tasting Menu: The Blondes, Avon Livne, Georgine, Clover Canyon, Noon by Noor, Zang Toi; TRAVEL: India; DINING: 21; WINE: The Burgundy Wine Co; CHARITY & GOOD WORKS: Vimala Centre; FINIS: Beube’s ‘Kylix’ and Nickerson’s ‘Terrain’.

'Outside The Obvious' Edition 19


-Maziar Behrooz creates a tale of two interiors

-Laurie Steichen unites Francophile tastes under the California sun at Cal A Vie

-Bigelow and Silver bring a bit of San Franciscan intrigue to a Sydney apartment

-A vision of history: historic Knole House in Kent

-Stephen Bastone, the Curator King, creates a delicious dining room

-The charming Field House of Henry Johnson of Johnson & Berman



EDITORIAL; PROPERTY: A Swiss Manor House; CHARITY: Holiday House recap; ART: Constance Culpepper’s paintings of interior fascinations, NY Ceramics Fair; Personal Encounters and the art of Pierro della Francesca; REFLECTIONS: Immortal Toys; The Aesthetic of Power-designer Geoffrey Bradfield shares his thoughts and observations; The Little Room; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Spring Fashions; Dark Jewels of Chris Habana; Toiles de Jouy; BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Classical Details; TRAVEL: Round Hill; WINE: Downton Claret; FINIS: The TerraMar Project.


'The Details' Edition 18


-Jeff McKay creates a vibrant tableaux of a house in Florida

-Juan Pablo Molyneux’s housebound hermitage: heaven on earth in Paris

-The House of the Single Gable: a visit to Copse Hill, the residence of the watercolorist Alexander Creswell and his wife, Mary Creswell

-Noha Hassan casts a cool eye in a New York City apartment

-Syon House’s interior grandeur and charms

-The Gardens & Conservatory of Syon

-Special Q & A with The Duke of Northumberland



EDITORIAL; PROPERTY: A Swiss Manor House; CHARITY: Holiday House recap; ART: Constance Culpepper’s paintings of interior fascinations, NY Ceramics Fair; Personal Encounters and the art of Pierro della Francesca; REFLECTIONS: Immortal Toys; The Aesthetic of Power-designer Geoffrey Bradfield shares his thoughts and observations; The Little Room; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Spring Fashions; Dark Jewels of Chris Habana; Toiles de Jouy; BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Classical Details; TRAVEL: Round Hill; WINE: Downton Claret; FINIS: The TerraMar Project.


'Influence' Edition 17


-Diamond-Baratta create create an interior of color spiritually at home in Miami

-The Eleonora yacht: vintage wine in a new vessel

-Robert Couturier goes (Comte Moise de) Camondo in Brooklyn

-Sylvia Heisel, Scott Taylor and Doug Meyer imagine a truly sprawling apartment in New York

-A visit to Donald Judd’s ideal permanent setting on Spring Street-Dutch Gardens: A way of life

-A glorious overview of Villa Caprarola, Vitterbo, Italy


EDITORIAL; PROPERTY: An Irish Demesne; REFLECTIONS: The Roman Question, by J. Brambilla; The Music of Erich Zann; Kennedy’s Tie in Time; ART: Per Kirkeby’s Deep Time painting; Sculptor Ned Smyth’s Those Who Remember; Surrealism & Dada; Sculptor Sho Kishino; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Gowns from Vera Wang, Venexiana and Monique Lhuillier; BOOK REVIEW: Designers Abroad; TRAVEL: Neal Beckstedt’s guide to London Terrace, NYC; Argentina, an overview by Teodelina Basavilbaso: Art & Culture, Where to Stay, Casa Fagliano; Clothing from Bohtlingk: Charity & Good Works; PARTY: The HYLAND Awards; Dining: The HYLAND Spritz; FINIS: The Domination of Black-Brice Marden & Wallace Stevens.


'Constant & Refreshing' Edition 16



-Mario Buatta Reigns: an overview of the Prince of Chintz’s masterful decoration on the eve of his new book published by Rizzoli

-The Bluest Eyes: Carol Egan creates a strikingly rigorous, near-minimalist interior on Fifth Avenue

-HYLAND explores The Blitz Aesthetic, British sensibilities covered at the Clubhouse at Brooklands

-Art After Art: The Domestic Vision of Villalobos+Desio

-The Cozy & The Grand: Fairfax & Sammons reimagine Phantom Fox Farm in Virginia


EDITORIAL: Constant & Refreshing; PROPERTY: South African Suave; ART: Durston Saylor’s Circumstantial Evidence, Photography; Francesco Clemente’s TENTS, Sculpture; Joey Weiman’s Graphic Art of the Street, Photography; Lalanne Sheep Grazing in Chelsea; AUCTIONS: Asia Art Auctions; CHARITY: The Prince’s Trust; REFLECTIONS: ‘Haircut’; TRAVEL: Lulu Guinness and John Ingledew Do Summer; BOOKS: A Map of Rereading; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy examined; Pearls; DINING: Zurs; FINIS: Things


'Surreal Parallel' Edition 15



-Johnson Berman’s for Kirk & Country, the Silver Room at the Maryland State House

-Alan Tanksley creates a disciplined yet comfortable contemporary country house

-Robert Passal’s domestic vision above Union Square

-Robert Passal’s own New York apartment, a song of acquiring and orchestrating

-The Wonders of Dubai: Where Heat Married Money

-Homage and Q & A with scholar and aesthete Christiane de Nicolay-Mazery

EDITORIAL: Everest; PROPERTY: The Sporting Life, Scotland; ART: James Turrell: Heaven’s Gates; Celebrity photographs & Women of Style by Rose Hartman; Painter Adrian Ghenie; Leonardo Dicaprio’s 11th Hour Auction at Christies: A Recap; CHARITY: Robin Hood Foundation; REFLECTIONS: Success in Entertaining; BOOKS: Four Legged Friends: Upholstery; FASHION: Rafael Cennamo; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Juniper Books; DINING: Eleven Madison Park; Contour Design conjures up Macaron by Patisse; FINIS: His Own Private Everest


'My Everest' Edition 14


-David Dalton designs an apartment of shadowy glamour
-Coffinier + Ku create a downtown NYC apartment of fire and ice
-Explore the expansive ranches, villas and houses conjured and created by the mind of architect Michael G. Imber
-Le Vie en Rose: Johnson Berman designs at Harleigh House, a House ancient by American standards: patented in 1683
-The gardens and follies of Harleigh House by Johnson Berman
-Angels of Light: immerse yourself in the artistic fortunes of Fontana Arte, a leader in the Italian design revolution

EDITORIAL: Everest; PROPERTY: The Sporting Life, Scotland; ART: James Turrell: Heaven’s Gates; Celebrity photographs & Women of Style by Rose Hartman; Painter Adrian Ghenie; Leonardo Dicaprio’s 11th Hour Auction at Christies: A Recap; CHARITY: Robin Hood Foundation; REFLECTIONS: Success in Entertaining; BOOKS: Four Legged Friends: Upholstery; FASHION: Rafael Cennamo; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Juniper Books; DINING: Eleven Madison Park; Contour Design conjures up Macaron by Patisse; FINIS: His Own Private Everest


'Make, Break, Sustain' Edition 13


-Cooper Joseph Studio creates a true contemporary garden house in Sonoma
-Leta Austin Foster & Sallie Giordano establish a vibrant and masterful classical color scheme for an expansive Virginia residence
-Marc Michaels designs a sleek and shining Floridian apartment with glamorous views
-Scott Sanders masterfully reinterprets an archetypal American country-seat
-Kathryn Scott’s own townhouse in Brooklyn is quite simply an aesthetic ideal
-Alex Papachristidis’ ‘The Age of Elegance’-

-The Vatican Gardens are revealed: an extensive spread covering their history and the beauty of the flora and structures found within the Vatican grounds
-The Vatican Museums are explored by Editor in Chief Christopher Hyland
-Writer Wendy R. Williams and Photographer Katherin Wermke explore Oman’s Amouage fragrance facility​

EDITORIAL: On Color; PROPERTY: An 18th century French Bastide; CHARITY: BCRF; TRAVEL: The Vatican: Where To Stay; Soulful Suitings; Essay on Domes; ART: Dick Kagan writes on Painter Emily Mason; Photographer Tria Giovan; Artist Ralph Provisero; FASHION: Future Fashion for Fall; COLLECTING: Scott Travers’ Top 10 Secrets to Making Money in Coins; Coins as Talismans; SPORT: Sandanona Hounds; REFLECTIONS: PT Barnum in France; Circling The Square; Brook Mason on Screens in Decorating; DINING: David Burke State Sinner; BOOKS: American Writers At Home; FINIS: Writing On The Wall.

'Commerce & Design' Edition 12


-Jamie Drake creates a sumptuous fin de siècle residence at the Dakota, NYC
-Neal Beckstedt plays with light and lightness in a warm family apartment, NYC
-Tucker & Marks create a runaway riches story in a San Francisco residence
-Michael Wolk emphasizes strong design in a slick Miami apartment
-Allan Greenberg, architect of America’s ($117 Million) San Francisco Bay area White House
-Bill Bensley, designer of the marvelous Howie’s HomeStay retreat, Thailand


EDITORIAL: Eisenhower & Gehry; PROPERTY: Lockjaw Luxe: Gentleman Faming; CHARITY: North Shore Land Alliance; TRAVEL: Thailand; Through My Eyes, Memories…Bangkok; Reclining Buddha; Golden Robe; Chiang Mai; The Oriental Hotel, Bangkok; Brooklands, Surrey, UK; PARTY: Winter Antiques Show; ART: Brian Oglesbee; My Collection, by M. Scanlan; Brook Mason on the Metro Show; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Son Jung Wan, Fashion; Swedish Deco at B4, Antiques; REFLECTIONS: Queen Victoria’s Jubilee; DINING: David Burke’s Townhouse; Vail: Top Haunts; Pol Roger; Books: STUFF; Finis: Global Kerfuffle.

'A Crossroad & Destination’ Edition 11


-Inson Wood redesigns ‘Rockland’, a gracious and historic house
-Axis Mundi’s futuristic and fanciful architectural concepts
-Fairfax & Sammons create a spectacular sporting estate near Cooperstown, NY
-Ally Coulter reimagines the room where decisions over the Forbes 400 are made
-Thomas Hart Shelby captures The London Hotel, West Hollywood
-Grand Lacock Abbey, the birthplace of photography, is revisited


PROPERTY: New Zealand; ART: Scully & Osterman’s remarkable photography inspired by Lacock Abbey; Raffael Barrios’ modernist sculpture; REFLECTIONS: The Flying Fool by Waverly Root; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Tiffany & Co. masterpieces; Odegard’s Himalayan rugs inspired by Somoroff’s photography; Shoes in The City at FIT, an exhibition; CHARITY: The Library of America; TRAVEL + FOOD: Beaches: A Baker’s Dozen; Veuve Cliquot’s perfect packaging; FINIS: Updike & Mozart

‘Holiday House’ Edition 10


-Cullman & Kravis orchestrate a supremely pleasing decorating scheme for a family’s waterside residence.

-Paula + Martha reimagine a Park Avenue entrance hall with grace and functionality.

-Fairfax & Sammons create a rustic retreat in the heart of New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.

-Y.CO’s yacht ‘Vertigo’ celebrates a 21st century design for ocean adventures in the manner of James Brooke.

-Dori Hitti creates a marvelous symphony of contemporary art and décor in a palatial Beirut apartment.

-Holiday House NYC, Charity + Design: A showhouse to benefit Evelyn Lauder’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Designers: Geoffrey Bradfield, Paula+Martha, Evelyn Lauder Photography, diSalvo Interiors, Ally Coulter, Inson Dubois Wood, Lee Najman Designs, Eric Cohler Design, Claudia Giselle Design, Charlotte Moss, Janet Rice Interiors, Stephanie Odegard Collection, Lee W. Robinson Company, Tobi Fairley, Vicente Wolf for ALB, Suzanne Eason, BG Studio Intl., J. Pocker, Robyn Karp, Javaras Kennally. Brett Design, The Roger Thomas Collection for Maya Romanoff, Donald Schermerhorn, Dineen Architecture + Design, Dyfari Interiors, Archives ID, Huntley & Co.

ALSO FEATURING: PROPERTY: 18 Gramercy; ART: Durston Saylor; Carol Friedman; Kate Raudenbush; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Leviev Jewelry; NY Fashion Week; TRAVEL: Miami Art Guide; Where to Eat in Miami; NY Top 10; BOOKS: Monacelli Press; FINIS: Suggested Reading.

‘Champion Main Street’ Edition 9



-Samuel Botero designs a New York City apartment for the Rubins.

-AGi architects unveil their latest villa in Kuwait

-A visit to a remarkable Greg Jordan designed Hamptons residence and a remembrance.

-Rob Southern creates an extension for the Greg Jordan residence.

-Richard Wendorf creates a refined gentleman’s flat in Bath.

-The majestic forest gardens of Foxholm.

-Highclere Castle IS Downton Abbey.

-Carl d'Aquino & Francine Monaco create an apartment full of beauty and wit on Central Park West.


PROPERTY: Tortola; REFLECTIONS: Bruno Taut; Ludlow Farm; CHARITY: The American Museum; ART: Watercolors by Van Doren; By Way Of These Eyes, A Photo Exhibit; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Modern Vice Shoes, Gieves & Hawkes; SPORT: Mashomack Polo with Tents by Tailgates; TRAVEL & FOOD: Amali; Geoffrey Bradfield Travels: Shanghai on the Bund; Francis Hotel & Blanc Restaurant; FINIS: Loving Likeness, The National Portrait Gallery.

‘Tidal Routes’ Edition 8


-Carol Egan designs a remarkable Miami residence.

-A charming Greek Villa on the island of Patmos.

-John Barman creates a Long Island retreat.

-Stedila Design resurrects a remarkable Hamptons property.

-Jamie Drake

-The Hunters and The Culture of Keepsakes

-A visit to the studio of artist Robert Hunter.



PROPERTY: Glamorous houses for rent in Mexico; ART: Robert Motherwell: Beside the Sea; Photography by George Hirose; Landscape and seascape paintings by Matthew Schulz; Paintings by Donald Beal; Tides of Provincetown; Masterpiece Fair, London; Graig Kreindler: Artist of The Game; Cape Cod Aesthetic; Norman Mailer Interview; CHARITY: Provincetown Arts Association; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Brighton Pavilion Furniture; Barcelona Style; BOOK REVIEW: An Elegant Wilderness; Dining: Fiddleheads; Cape Cod; FINIS: Visiting Bacon's Studio & Jim Ellis' Blacksmith Shop.

‘Design, Built and Civic’ Edition 7


-Edward Lobrano designs a thrilling Bahamian retreat.

-Juan Pablo Molyneux’s studio is revealed.

-Beth Arrowood creates an immaculate, beautiful and cheerful Miami residence.

-Conversations with Albert Hadley, Ashlee Harrison’s discussions with the late designer regarding his favorite interior projects.

-In His Words: Albert Hadley’s own thoughts on his favorite interior projects.

-Glenn Gissler presents a house and interior of light.

-Fairfax and Sammons design the architecture of a wonderful Park Avenue residence, interior design by Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi.

-Pippa Toledo reimagines the Grand Master’s Hall and the Grand Rotunda at San Anton Palace.



PROPERTY: John Pawson designed Gramercy Park Penthouse and Paul Rudolph Townhouse; ARTICLES: Christopher Hyland on his Weekend with President and First Lady Abela of Malta; Malta Knights; Malta Design; Malta High Tech and Finance; Xara Palace Hotel; Richard England’s Altar of Truce; Music in Malta; Weekend in St. Julians; How To Not Add The Finishing Touch by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti; Successful Executive Relocation; HYLAND Awards and Party;  PARTY: Geoffrey Bradfield; CHARITY: Malta Community Chest; Central Park Conservancy; ART: Martin Kline paintings and sculpture; Lucy Willis watercolors; H.M. Bateman paintings; Daniel Cilia photographs; Queen Elizabeth by Bill Armstrong; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Rolex Cellini Watch; Zang Toi Apparel; Seaman Schepps Jewelry; BOOK REVIEW: Axel Vervoordt; WINE: Rioja; FINIS: Oscar Wilde on Nature.

‘A Window Broken Repaired or Not’ Edition 6



-Thomas Phifer & Partners create a refined Temple House for Cristina Grajales and Isabelle Kirschner.

-Explore Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, Guatemala.

-Mark Finlay erects an equestrian residence in Charlottesville.

-A retrospective of Alberto Pinto's work.

-A visit to the luxury ranch at Rock Creek, Montana.

-Fairfax & Sammons' New York townhouse reviewed by Contributing Editor Dick Kagan.

-Q & A with Paige Rense, editor emeritus of Architectural Digest.

-Decorator Stan Topol's 10 decorating rules.



PROPERTY:Brazilian Vacation Properties; ARTICLES: Remembering Albert Hadley; A Long Day's Journay: Oaxaca; The Prince of Wales & Armand Hammer; CHARITY: From Houses to Homes; ART: The Buhl Collection of Photography; Billy Hare at Galeria Lucia; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: El Telar Loom Shop; Little Black Dresses; Rolando Santana; TRAVEL: On Horseback in Nicaragua, with Editor Kyle Marshall; Hotel: La Posada De Los Leones; Don Rodrigo Restaurant; WINE: On Prosecco; FINIS: Imagination: From Robert Louis Stevenson to a Midnight Helicopter Search.


‘Let's Do It’ Edition 5


-Tucker & Marks create a sparkling and refreshing San Francisco residence.
-AGi architects design a chic Kuwait villa.
-Jack Montgomery conjures a suburban idyll in Greenwich.
-Buzz Kelly transforms a New York apartment into an elegant retreat.
-Jleslee Basualdo creates an inspired retreat for art collector and philanthropist Henry Buhl.
-Christopher Hyland uncovers the Chateau de Courances.


PROPERTY: The Parbold Hall Estate; ARTICLES: Long Division: The Meaning of Windows; When Good Decorating Goes Bad; The Modernism of 1812 and its resonance today; There’s No Place Like Home: What I learned from my wife’s month in the British Medical System; CHARITY: ACE New York; ART: Celebrity Photography by Stephane Kossmann; Hunt Slonem; Freedom Rings: Paintings of the Hudson River School; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Women’s wear by Sapir Bachar; Kiton Spring/Summer; TRAVEL + FOOD: Timothy Corrigan’s Favorite Parisian Restaurants and Bars; SPORT: Seaton Expeditions; BOOKS: The World of Madeleine Castaing; CARTOON: by Anthony Haden-Guest; Q & A with Haden-Guest; FINIS: Eiffel Tower in photography and text.

‘Design Fuels Economy’ Edition 4



-Juan Pablo Molyneux's resurrection of Hotel Claude Passart, Paris: Interiors and Garden.

-Q & A with Juan Pablo Molyneux.

-Samuel Botero's creates an apartment with remarkably pungent color.

-Geoffrey Bradfield designs an apartment with New York Perspective(s).

-Edward Lobrano's Park Avenue hideaway design.

-GRADE's TriBeCa apartment reclamation.

-Levy, Safdie & Casas combine forces and establish a contemporary residence for an art collecting family.

-House Party at Anglo-American Blenheim Palace.


ARTICLES: Blenheim in Churchill's Words; ART: Tim Lovejoy; Graham Lott at Luster; Arne Quinze at Vicky David Gallery; Sheila Metnzer; Transcendental Painting; Winter Antiques Show Recap; For 20th Century Devotees;  CHARITY: Blenheim Foundation; CHARITY + DESIGN: David Monn at The Morgan Library; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Warren Muller at Bespoke Global; Emmett, reviewed by Contributing Editor Richard Wendorff; WINE: On Champagne; TRAVEL: New York: Downtown Manhattan Restaurants, by Emma Lester; BOOK REVIEW: Younger Next Year; CARTOON by Anthony Haden-Guest; FINIS: Poem by Delia Greaves-Davis.

‘La Serenissima’ Edition 3: Italia! 



-John Barman designs a Hamptons retreat with pungent color.

-Timothy Corrigan draws on Vreeland to create a fantasy show house entry.

-Madison Spencer Architects create a sensational Virginia country retreat.

-AGi architects creates a delightful ‘secret’ house in Kuwait.

-Villa Galtarossa, Galtarossa family residence, studio of Anna Galtarossa and Daniel Gonzales.

-Villa Pisani Bedeschi: a minimalist apartment designed by Manuela Bedeschi within a Villa designed by Palladio.

-Living Connoisseurship: the gallery and residence of connoisseur and dealer Helen Fioratti Constantino.

-Francesco Monicelli’s Artful Aggregation in Verona: the apartment of a collector.


PROPERTY: Santa Barbara Glass Pavilion by Steve Herman; REFECTIONS ESSAYS: ‘Italian Memories’ by Lorenzo Carcaterra, the writer of ‘Sleepers’; ‘Five Years with Michelangelo’: contributing editor Leonard Barkan recounts his five year project on Michelangelo’s writings; ‘Living With That Hamilton Woman’: contributing editor Richard Wendorf writes about the Grande Tour muse; ‘Fragments of An Adoration of the Magi’: scholar Alexander Rostel casts an eye on Michelangelo’s later work; CHARITY: focus on Rome’s Academies; ART: Alexander Creswell; Malcolm Forbes’ residences recorded by Creswell watercolors; Nick Barberio creates Portraits of Rome; JEWELRY by Miriam Salat; SPORT: Monticule Thoroughbred Racing Farm, home of ‘Big Brown’; TRAVEL: 7 Cultural Satellite Moons of Roman Grandeur by Christopher Hyland; Central Montemartini: Roman and Greek statues showcased in a former power plant; Locanda San Viglio: a magical restaurant and hotel on Lago de Garda, Italy; Roman Restaurants Favored by Divines and Others; Leonard Barkan on Where to Eat in Venice; ZD Wines: vineyard favored by several American Presidential administrations; BOOK REVIEWS: Chado Ralph Rucci Autobiography reviewed by Russell Bush; Gary Cooper: Enduring Style by G. Bruce Boyer and Maria Cooper Janis, reviewed by Christopher Hyland; CARTOON by Anthony Haden-Guest; FINIS Poem by Delia Greaves-Davis.

'Sun Shines On Good Design' Edition 2


-Geoffrey Bradfield designs a Mexico City aerie for a prolific art collector.

-Stephen Bastone focuses on an Empire design with a wandering eye.

-Samuel Botero creates a comfortable Deco residence with misty romantic ideals.

-Edward Lobrano designs a fantastic country retreat in the Napa Valley

-Tania Vartan creates a faux painted fantasy in Florence.

-Soucie Horner designs a lakeside retreat complete with yacht.

-Madison Spencer Architects envisions garden pavilions for numerous uses.


PROPERTY; REFLECTIONS: Essay by Lisa Zeiger: Two Garden Houses; CHARITY: Bette Middler’s New York Restoration Project; ART: Artist Edwina Sandys feature; Middle East and Ballet photography of George Lewis; Shinya Yamamura small boxes; Artist Eti Jacobi’s nocturnal dreamscape paintings at Gallery Noga; Stephen Wilkes’ “Day to Night” series: daytime and nighttime within the same image; Harry Clarke stained glass photographed by Jennifer Judkins; OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Sharp Jewels, numerous precious stones in compelling designs; Brooks Brothers does travel; Skatemoderne Drinks Cabinet; P.E. Guerin handcrafted hardware; Baccarat objects: diverse examples of fine glass; TRAVEL: Suzy Moran house party at Lismore Castle; Must Visit great Irish houses; Irish Art and Antique Dealers, Gallery, Museums; Galway Hunt (Steeplechase) Race; DINING: Le Veau d’Or bistro dining in New York; BOOKS: ‘Syrie Maugham’ by Pauline C. Metcalf book review; CARTOON by Andy Bernier; FINIS Concluding Thoughts Essay on Estate Auctions Affirming Engaged Lives

​'This Isn't All There Is' Edition 1


-Grey Gardens: Christopher Hyland visits Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee at their famous house once owned by Big Edie and Little Edie Beale.

-Jamie Drake designs classic townhouses with contemporary art located in New York and London.

-Geoffrey Bradfield’s orientalist chic in Palm Beach.

-Samuel Botero creates a South Seas bamboo study for artist Peter Tunney.

-Robert Passal creates a cultured New York apartment.

-AGi Architects design a quintessential modernist villa on the coast of Kuwait.

-Eric Cohler designs an apartment in white: sleek and modern with soul.

-Sue Firestone for SFA Design decorates a Perini Navi yacht, an ultra-sophisticated sailing machine.

-Franck & Lohsen Architects create a 21st century limestone Palladian villa in the Virginia countryside.


-Bob Colacello's essay on and photographs of the Warhol years.

-Scott Frances' architectural photography.

ADDITIONALLY: FURNITURE by Moroso; ART by Cecil Beaton, Lillian Bassman, Georg K. Pfahler, Anna Galtarossa and Geoffrey Bradfield; TRAVEL, "One Summer in Greece," a Guide to Athens, luxury Italian hotel Villa Feltrinelli, Laco de Garda, the newest Bombardier jet, Spotnana airfare service; MEN’S AND WOMEN’S ACCESSORIES from Asprey, Vhernier, Judith Ripka, Devi Kroell, The Left Shoe Company; CHARITY watch auction highlights from Antiquorum’s ‘Only Watch 2011’; CUISINE AND CHAMPAGNE from Charlie Palmer and Ruinart; GEAR by Fritsch Associes; PROPERTY from Engel & Volkers and Private Islands, Inc.; EDITORIAL page on legendary Condé Nast art director Alexander Liberman; CARTOONS; FINIS concluding essay on designers Benjamin Banneker and Thomas Jefferson.

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